First Day of 2015!

We’re back!

FullSizeRender3The weather around Orbisonia in Southern PA where I usually go for the first day was pretty amazing Saturday the 18th. 77 degrees! Almost too hot with water levels about 6 to 8 inches low. But the fish were biting for some of us. I was able to catch five (lost two) the first day on spinners and five the next day on a combination of lures and bait. All rainbows. But there were some Albino’s in the stream that I could see. Two were caught and one was quite large. Around 23 inches! My largest was 13 inches.


It was great on the second day to slowly move down Shade Creek at around 6:30 am without anyone on the stream. Nice and cool too. It’s sort of amazing how many people fish only where it’s convenient and easy to access a stream. If you’re patient and willing to navigate through some briars and brush, you’d be surprised what you can discover downstream. Fish do move around especially if there’s a period of high water. It’s always a thrill to catch a nice trout when and where you may least expect it. Have to be a little stealthy however and remember to wear camo or colors that are not bright. Also, spray your cloths the day before with any product that contains Permethrin. You do not want a tiny deer tick to get to your nervous system. It takes only 24 hours or less for a tic to get where it wants to be--under your skin. And keep Permethrin off your skin! Spray cloths only. If you find a tic on you, use tweezers or tissue to take it out. Do not touch it with your bare hands. Remove head first and be sure to get it all out while attempting to keep the tick in one piece. I’ve personally known two people who were infected with Lyme disease and it’s not good.

FullSizeRender2Since Lake Perez has finally opened, I’m anxious to see what’s happening there. The lake at Stone Valley, outside of State College, has been closed for dam repair for years. Trout and bass are now stocked in the lake.

Over the two days, I discovered that you can get a non-powered boat license at a local sporting goods store where available for considerably less than what it would cost if you filled out a much more detailed form and sent it into the state. The form is simple and you’re not required to know your hull number. You can get a license for one or two years.

Get out there and catch a few!

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