Fishing Derby at Port Matilda

On Saturday, April 30 the 32nd  annual fishing derby was held on about a 125 yard stretch of Bald Eagle Creek. The turn-out was very impressive as were the number and size of fish caught. There were at least 250 boys and girls 13 years old and younger working hard to hook fish. Many trout were over two pounds. Of course it was hard to keep the parents from doing more than their share of ‘helping’! The area is designated as a ‘children only’ area by the PA Fish Commission.

There were many door prizes raffled off but the Stick was among the more popular prizes. Whipple D donated 150 Stick-in-the-Muds to the derby.

George Jackson is one of the founders of the event and serves as co-chairman. In addition to fishing, there was a wide selection of ‘eats’ like the ham and bean soup that was excellent.

IMG 2811

Large Turn Out

IMG 2815

Restricted Fishing

IMG 2824

A Large Palomino and Brown

IMG 2823

George Jackson

IMG 2813

Stick in Use

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