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Frank first day of trout seasonFor the First Day of trout season I went to Shade Gap, PA and fished Shade Creek and the Blacklog. The water was about nine inches high but not a major problem. However, the number of fish caught over all was down a bit over past years. I was able to catch four the First Day. The illusive 5th trout was not to be landed. There were about four that got off though! One made the trip all the way in and even bumped into the frame of my out-stretched net but still managed to twist away before flopping in! I caught two on the Panther Martin yellow and gold and two on the Panther Martin black and gold. Needless to say, I tried just about everything from Butter Worms, to Red Worms to other lures.

You’ve heard of poached trout? The cooking process where you place trout in a large pan with seasonings, lemon slices wine then let it boil slightly in water? Well, sometimes I think poaching does not mean cooking but rather taking fish illegally just before the First Day! Many small streams in PA and other states meander through wooded lots, away from a highway. Some of these streams actually flow past camps or houses. Pretty easy fishing for someone who wants to grab a few (or more) before the appointed time. That’s why it’s a good practice to fish the First Day in a more open area where the stream may be close to a well-traveled road and where the parking area is also open. If someone can’t sneak behind trees and load fish in their car easily, there is a better chance of having fish where they’re supposed to be on opening day--in the stream--rather than in someone’s freezer!

Fortunately, the outside temperature was very comfortable, around 70 +degrees, so it made for a great day to be out with friends streamside!

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