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Fred-fishing-2-resizedOver Memorial Day weekend, I went fishing with Brother Fred and Andy who introduced me to Tuscarora Creek in Blairs Mills, PA. It’s a great little stream with quite a few trout still roaming about. The trout population may be higher at this time because many washed into the stream from a sportsman’s club pond due to a recently sustained downpour! But over the weekend the water was just about perfect--a little high and a bit murky. These conditions are especially good for small streams not much wider than 15 feet. As the summer heats up, these streams lose water due to evaporation and dry conditions, making the water clear and the fishing a real challenge. We all know if you can see the fish, the fish can see you. And if they see you, well, the chances of catching them are slim at best.

We were successful in catching several trout over the two days. Nothing big. Most were in the neighborhood of 10/11 inches with a mix of rainbow and browns. Andy used a combo of Power Bait and corn. Must say, I’ve never heard of such an odd mix but it proved tasty to trout! I used the spotted black Panther Martin most of the time but caught one trout on a piece of night crawler just long enough to cover a number 6 hook.

honeysuckle-2-resizedOne of the highlights of fishing woodsy streams has little to do with actually catching fish but experiencing nature. It seemed that everywhere I went, the banks were crammed with honeysuckle bushes in full bloom. The calm air was perfumed with an amazing aroma that seemed to increase in intensity as the temperature climbed into the high 70’s.

While standing in about a foot of water near the shore so I could improve my casting angle, I looked to my right and back to the shore. What popped up was a mink! It looked like s/he had a nut or something in his mouth. We stared at each other for a long minute as my peppy, semiaquatic visitor did not even bother to take a pause from munching. I slowly tried to retrieve my camera but as soon as I got it out of the case and started focusing, the mink slipped back in the water between the tight roots of an overhanging tree and was gone.

Next time out may be harder to catch fish unless I can be so fortunate to come upon a stream where a hard rain forces fish to flee yet another sportsman’s pond!

Fish on !

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