Stocking: Are Fish Where You Think They Are?

This year there will be nearly 4 million trout stocked in Pennsylvania streams and the stocking program is well under way. But this does not mean that all streams will have a plentiful amount of brook, rainbow and brown trout. From experience, I've discovered that it's always a good idea to do a little scouting before the First Day. It can be frustrating to fish a place that you thought for sure had trout but instead caught only a bunch of crabs and chubs that devoured your expensive bait!

Take a quick look at http://fishandboat.com/stock.html to determine what streams are to be stocked and when. Because a stream is listed, it is possible that only part of that stream is stocked. Then go on a "fishing expedition" to be sure the fish are swimming where you plan to fish, especially if you're going to a new stream location that may be unfamiliar to you. It's a fun ritual that many of us have to check out the fish population by tossing in small pieces of bread, corn or other fish food and watch the trout attack! It's also a good way to note the size of the trout. If the fish are too small for your liking, you may want to explore another part of the stream or lake. Keep in mind that there are over 8,500 "trophy" trout being stocked as part of the overall number. Trophy trout are considered Golden Rainbow that weigh at least 1.5 pounds and measure 14 inches long or longer.

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