Never Can Tell!

The 2018 season started out hot. What I mean by ‘hot’ has nothing to do with the amazing trout I caught. I’m actually referring to the temperature that was in the 80’s all day long! But the very next day, Sunday, the temperature dropped to the 40’s. Quite a change. Very short summer!

Last year was one of the best I’ve ever experienced but as we know, one reason we fish is to be surprised, hopefully in a good way. The First Day this year was quite unlike the First Day last year. This year I caught only one Brookie about 10 inches long and that was it. Where I usually fish on the First Day was loaded with fishermen, more than usual, and light on stocked trout based on what I experienced and was told. It could be that everyone heard about all the big fish that were caught last year and decided to show up at Blacklog Creek. Another explanation is that the sportsmen’s club that supplemented the state stocking program last year did not release the same number and size of fish this year. Or could it be that many trout were caught out well before the starting bell at 8:00 am.

In anticipation of warm weather to come and the growing population of tics (see earlier post on tics), I discovered that several companies are now infusing fabric with permethrin. Permethrin is the best substance to ward off ticks. But it also keeps away chiggers, flies, midges, ants, and mosquitoes that can carry a host of diseases. Permethrin is not for direct skin application so it’s very convenient to have it already in the clothing and proven to not be harmful to your skin.

Because the First Day was so warm, the bugs were out in force. But with my hat sprayed with permethrin and a bandana I bought already treated wrapped around my neck, no bugs or flies bothered me. As the weather becomes consistently warm, I plan to use a cap I’ll spray and the bandana to keep annoying bugs from buzzing in my eyes, nose, and ears. In addition to the bandana, I purchased a pair of nylon pants that are infused with permethrin and good up to 70 washings. I’ll do anything to keep tics and bugs at bay! With two friends suffering with Lyme, it’s something I want no part of.

One of the highlights of the First Day was being up before sunrise and scratching out a few turkey calls. Immediately, two gobblers responded less than 100 yards away from the cabin. Having addressed my paranoia about tics, I just might have a place to go for spring gobbler!

10 inch Rainbow




Osprey over Whipple Damn

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