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Fish & Rod Holder

• Rest your rod
• Secure your fish stringer
• Measure fish to 16"
• Highly durable
• Bright orange

The highly durable Stick-in-the-Mud® Fish & Rod Holder allows you to conveniently secure your fish stringer so the fish you catch will not swim away. You can also use it to measure fish up to 16 inches and rest your fishing rod. The top of the Stick-in-the-Mud has a flat area designed so you can use the palm of your hand to easily press the Stick firmly into the mud streamside or wedge it between rocks. The bright orange color means you’ll never forget your Stick. It stands out among shore rocks, leaves and twigs, serving as a marker to remind you exactly where your stringer and fish are as you try your luck in other parts of a stream or lake.

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