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Stick in the Mud Product News

We have had many inquiries for the Stick in the Mud fish and rod holder from around the world, which is good news to be sure. So in order to expand the opportunities to purchase the Stick in the Mud, either one or several, we are now selling the fish and rod holder directly to consumers online. Some sporting good stores will continue to carry the Stick but to make it available online seemed to make sense. Not everyone who wants a Stick in the Mud lives near a retailer. The Sticks are available for $3.99 each plus shipping through Paypal. We will need to know your address and zip code before mailing your Sticks. The Sticks will be sent to you directly from our warehouse in Pennsylvania.


It’s always great to see Sticks around the lakeshores and streams when I’m out fishing myself. I carry and use mine and when I see someone with their Stick in the Mud, I’m always interested in knowing what they think of it. The responses are great. Fishermen, women, and children say it helps to not have to look for a wooden stick or cut one from a tree to attach to their stringers. The Environmental Protection officers randomly roaming the streams have not taken it lightly when tree limbs are cut for this purpose. I’m told too that when there are only rocks on the shore, the Stick can be securely wedged between stones. The ABS material they are made of is very strong. And, of course, you never have to figure out how to secure the end of your stringer to the shore with fish on. The Stick in the Mud also allows you to measure fish to 16 inches so you know when you’re legal.

News Flash!
We are now offering Stick in the Mud caps! So if you know a ‘stick in the mud,’ it just might be a great gift! The price for an Original Stick in the Mud cap is $18.00 plus shipping. The caps are brand new so we have a limited number currently in stock. For now, we carry them in brown only. It fashionably goes with the color of muddy shores we usually fish from!

Feel free to contact us directly for Sticks and/or hats at
Here’s to a great new season out-of-doors and streamside!

Please share your stories!

If you have any photos of you using a Stick, please send them along with your location so we can post them along with any Stick stories you may have.

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