Stick-in-the-Mud® Fish & Rod Holder

For over seventeen years, the patented and trademarked Stick-in-the-Mud® Fish & Rod Holder has set the standard as a convenient, low-cost alternative to conventional rod holders that provide only one function. Stick-in-the-Mud® is made of tough ABS plastic. The bright orange color is imbedded in the plastic and will never wear away. Stick-in-the-Mud® is very light and easily transportable. Some fishermen hang it on their vest while others slide it in their belt or carry it in a tackle box. No longer is there a need to cut branches or settle for just a single-function rod holder when Stick-in-the-Mud® provides much more! It allows you to:

  • Secure your stringer
  • Rest your rod
  • Measure your fish up to 16 inches 
  • Easily press into ground or wedge between rocks
  • Fits inside most tackle boxes
  • Bright, reflective color stands out streamside

To use, just press it into the ground, secure your stringer in the hole, and rest your rod in the “U”. Every great fisherman/angler should have one in their tackle box!

Available direct for $5.95 including shipping (US only)

For Wholesale and Distributor prices, email us at or call 917-414-4120.