Equipment Counts

Fishing small streams over many years in Central Pennsylvania, I’ve discovered that certain traditions and preferences develop. For example, most of my fishing takes place on streams that range from about four to 25 feet wide. Depth of water is usually not more than four feet. Most fishermen use open-faced spinning reels and, to a […]

Something Different for the First Day

Last year was the first year Lake Perez at Stone Valley was filled with water and stocked with trout. Stone Valley is a short drive from State College, PA. The lake was out of commission for six years due to repairs that had to be made to the breast of the dam. The stocking report […]

Hunting for Natives

As the heat of summer yields to cooler fall days, it’s always a great time to hike through the woods to visit a remote mountain stream in the hopes of catching a large native brook or brown trout. The word ‘large’ here is quite relative. Catching a native measuring eight inches or more would be […]